How Can you Benefit From IES


An essential process to suit specific soil, crop and climate plus economic value.


Irrigation system consultancy is an essential part of an efficient, functional agricultural irrigation system.


New irrigation technologies are improved continuously from surface irrigation sprinklers and equipment, to low- volume micro- irrigation and drip irrigation systems to specialized energy saving pumps, IES guarantees the installations of the latest technologies.

We provide all kind of sensing units, monitoring equipment and weather stations to help monitor the water content and improve water scheduling and management.


It is an ongoing requirement for clients to insure the efficient sustainable irrigation management.


Auditing irrigation systems (especially in older installations) can measure energy efficiency to determine better scheduling upgrade or repair non-efficient systems which will lead to irrigation water and energy saving and income increase.

Agriculture water wells monitoring.

Irrigation systems testing to insure their efficiency and to qualify them for the maximum government approved subsidies.

Keys to our Success

  • We develop strategic relationships with international partners in the Irrigation Technology and management such as in the area of equipment testing centers and water wells monitoring, irrigation scheduling, irrigation equipment supplies and others.
  • We provide solutions to the problems, with the help of the best professionals in each domain.
  • We stay connected with the progress and changes in the irrigation and energy sector.